MWHRD holds training on human rights for Ministry Staffs

Ministry of Women and Human Rights Development (MWHRD) is holding a two-day workshop on human rights for Ministry staff.

The training, which focused on basic human rights principles and application aimed at strengthening the staff’s’ understanding of human rights and how to effectively fulfill the ministry’s mandate.

“The purpose of the training is to enhance the trainers’ understanding of human rights so that they go back to their various departments and duplicate this training with their colleagues,” Deeq Yusuf, Director General of the Ministry of Women and Human Rights Development, said in his opening remarks.

“The Ministry is going to conduct several trainings on human rights and will ensure each and every staff in our Ministry to be taught basic human rights principles” he added.

Mohamed Elmi, the human rights advisor at the ministry, who was leading the training acknowledged the need for such training. “Ministry staff need to understand the concept of Human Rights as they undertake their tasks of mainstreaming Human Rights in the Somali government, sharing the knowledge they acquired with their colleagues.”

“We learnt human rights principles and how we can apply it in our Ministry to conduct our daily tasks.” Sahra Bile, a Ministry staff, said after attending the training.

The Ministry of women and Human Rights development is committed to provide capacity building trainings for their staff in different departments to enhance the ability of the staff to undertake their daily tasks.

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