We need more men supporting gender equality. Every little girls need a Gender Champion. Wouldn’t be standing here if it wasn’t for my own later father.

Better for Somali Women

Ministry of women and human rights development clearly recognize written policies and procedures as important elements in an effective system of internal controls that complies with governmental regulatory requirements, international standards, and guidelines. The norms and procedures are expected to help quick and effective implementation control.

These policies have been developed with consideration for the Somali federal laws, rules and regulations of Human resource management. They attempt to balance the needs of the ministry with the needs of individuals, but are also influenced by government legislation, policies that exist in other international organizations and in other parts of the local nonprofit organizations. They should be consistently applied, widely communicated, and open to review.

Working on women and disability issues


  • Promoting social and economic empowerment of women through cross-cutting policies and programs, mainstreaming gender concerns, creating awareness about their rights and facilitating institutional and legislative support for enabling them realize their human rights and develop to their full potential.
  • Ensuring development, care and protection of family and children through cross-cutting policies, legal instruments and programs, spreading awareness about their rights and facilitating access to learning, nutrition, institutional and legislative support to enable them grow and develop to their full potential.
  • Ensure the supremacy of all human rights to their protection, promotion and fulfillment, on the basis of equality and non-discrimination, in particular for those who are marginalized and vulnerable

Vision statement

  • Empowered women living with dignity and contributing development as equal opportunity and create in an environment free from violence and discrimination.
  • Well-nurtured Family and children with full opportunities for growth and development in a safe and protective environment.
  • A society where human rights and fundamental freedoms are fully enjoyed by everyone, and are respected, protected and fulfilled by the Federal Government of Somalia and Member States in accordance with universal human rights principles and standards, and in compliance with its obligations under the international human rights instruments.

How we work


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